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Have you been affected by pancreatic cancer and want to help raise awareness in November’s pancreatic cancer awareness month? 

Purple Rainbow Podcasts are looking for stories about pancreatic cancer to create 30 podcasts one for each day of November which is pancreatic cancer awareness month.  

If you have experiences of pancreatic cancer, we want to hear from you especially experiences of  

Loss, it might be the loss of control after diagnosis, loss of the future and future plans, or the ultimate loss the death of a loved one  

Community, how have people come together to support you, stories of awareness and fundraising, stories of the support that charities have provided, stories of the benefit that forums, social media and support groups give to people.  

Memories and remembrance, if your loved one has died and you want to share something about them, what made them special, what mattered most to them, what made your loved unique as a celebration of their life would love to hear their memories.  

Research, we are keen to hear from researchers about what motivates them to research pancreatic cancer, how the research community support each other and what that community support means to people 

Our final request is for people to tell stories which fit into the category “you couldn’t make it up “anecdotes, things that happened during diagnosis or treatment that are coincidental, are maybe funny little happenings, nothing disrespectful but something that is just a different way of looking at the disease.  

We plan to make 30 Purple Rainbow Podcasts one for each day of pancreatic cancer awareness month, they will be broadcast across the month, on social media and the Purple Rainbow website.  

If you would like to take part and have a story, experience, memory or anecdote to share please do contact me via direct message on Facebook or Twitter or send a message to