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Today is Seth’s birthday and it brings back so many memories of birthdays past, these are such happy memories.

Our summer holidays were always in late September and were planned so that we were away for Seths birthday. I remember trips to roman ruins in Germany and packing a tiny birthday cake, picnicking in a field in France on the WW1 battlefield trail, lighting candles and singing happy birthday. Lovely days spent in New England with the splendour of the fall leaves, wonder in the Cairo Museum speechless at the beauty of the golden Tutankhamun mask. Trips to Turkey to see roman ruins and a trip to Gallipoli to visit the memorial of Seths great grandfather who lost his life in the Dardanelles campaign. Then there was the trip to states three weeks of touring all the great national parks, Yellowstone and Old Faithful, Teton, Black Hills of Dakota, Brice Canyon. At the Grand Canyon, we watched the sun go down at a particular point on the canyon and then the next day we got up really really early and watched the sunrise from the same place. It was the most wonderful experience, the setting of a day and the dawning of new possibilities, and then we went to the final part of the trip ending in the excesses of Las Vegas a sharp contrast to beauty of the Grand Canyon.

Three of the five times we went to Rome were for Seth’s birthday, every visit was full of anticipation and when we finally got there, he would be so ecstatically happy wandering around the ruins and marvelling at their wonder. Now some of his ashes are part of the Forum in Rome, it was what he asked me to do.

There are so many wonderful memories that create a warm and familiar feeling inside, memories that put a smile on my face. Those same memories make the tears fall, they are the involuntary tears that just roll, there is no effort, it is as if the pain and grief propel them from my eyes.

But as I wipe away those tears, I can clearly see how Seth’s love is imbued in every part of me and my memories, he is still a constant in my life. Today I wish you happy birthday Seth and confirm I will love you with all of my heart forever.