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Fundraising in Support of Pancreatic Cancer UK in Memory of Seth

Purple Rainbow Pancreatic Cancer Stories

November 2017 

In November as part of awareness month one short digital film was made to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer, they were made by survivors, people whose loved one had died, nurses, palliative care consultants, surgeons and patients. 

Debbie and story of her daughter Gemma

Evelyn dies just 33 days after her diagnosis as Sarah explains

Tundra by Nikki explains the challenges of treatment.

Ebb and Flo by Margaret a pancreatic cancer survivor

Christian shares the challenges of being a pancreatic cancer surgeon

Tonys story of the 52 mile bike ride

Purple Rainbow Ball

November 2017

The second Purple Rainbow Ball took place on 18th November 2017

The lovely Emma

Joe and Chris

Newcastle Big Band

Letters courtesy of Midlands Love Letters

Ann Marie and Diane

Linda, Margaret and Lesley

Barbara and Sue

Karen and Michael

Maria and her friends

Great North Run

September 2017 

The lovely Lindsay did a second Great North run in memory of Seth dressed as a purple fairy 

Lindsay just preparing for her second Great North Run with her purple fairy outfit.


Reiki Fundraiser

August 2017 

Bev from Heart and Soul Reiki Holistic Therapies did a reiki session to raise funds as her Dad also died from pancreatic cancer. 

Emma Bridgewater Purple Stars Batch 2

June 2017 

The second batch of 1000 Emma Bridgewater Mugs sold out within three weeks raising money towards the total 

The lovely Linda with her mug

Rainbow candle with Purple Rainbow mugs

Purple stars for with a rainbow background

Purple stars with a Purple Rainbow Badge

Dharshanodiyaa Institute Of Bharathanatiyam

January 2017 

 Dharshanodiyaa Institute Of Bharathanatiyam donated a sum from their annual performance of dance. 

The dancing group

The tiny toes

Storytelling Dance

Keele Nanopharmaceutics Research Group

November 2016 

The Keele Nanopharmaceutics Research Group held a bake sale on World Pancreatic Cancer Day 

Purple Rainbow Ball

September 2016 

The first Purple Rainbow Ball took place on the 17th September 2016 and there was a wonderful night of music, dancing and song. 

Trek for Hope Trekkers

Nicky Henshall our perfect ballerina

Our wonderful ballroom dancers

Our lovely love letters courtesy of Midlands Love Letters

The fabulous Dean Lanza our fabulous solo singer

Dharshanodiyaa Institute Of Bharathanatiyam dancer



Great North Run

September 2016 

Seth’s friend Dave Smith had decided to run the Great North Run in memory of Seth. Lindsay who was a friend of my friend took part in the flash mob in Nov 2015 and she also volunteered to run in memory of Seth. Then to complete the trio Karen who had made me some memory bears from Seth’s clothes also volunteered to help out. So in September 2016 three people took to the Great North Run and added lots of funds to the £49,000 total. 

Remembering Seth

Lyndsey after her run

Dave in mid run

Dave and Lindsay together at the end of the race

Karen ready to go

Karen’s beautiful memory bears

London to Brighton Bike Ride

September 2016 

In September 2016 Seth’s friend Tony Hull and my friend Paul Jones both entered the 52 mile London to Brighton Bike ride and both successfully completed the ride raising money and awareness for Pancreatic Cancer UK. Tony tells humorous story of the days events here 

Paul Jones at the start of his ride

Tony at the end of his bike ride


Emma Bridgewater Purple Star Mugs

May 2016 

Emma Bridgewater kindly agreed to do a special charity mug for Pancreatic Cancer UK in memory of Seth to raise funds. 1000 mugs were sold in less than four weeks. Heres a link to the video 

In memory of Seth

Purple Stars mug from Emma Bridgewater

Cosy by the fire

Reusing a broken mug

Surgeon Christian enjoying a brew

Carole and Andrew enjoying a well deserved brew

Body Shop Fundraiser

May 2016 

My lovely friend Maria Anderson held her first Body Shop Party to contribute to the fundraising total.

Body Shop Fundraiser

Purple Rainbow Pancreatic Cancer Flashmob

May 2016

A performance of the Pancreatic Cancer UK flashmob at a local performance of Homeward Bound in Stoke on Trent 

Flashmobbers at a performance of Homeward Bound

Launch of Pancreatic Cancer UK Patient Charter

March 2016

Lesley attending the launch of the Patient Charter with two people who have survived pancreatic cancer Margaret Datson and Roy Bowdrey. The Charter sets out the standard of care all pancreatic cancer patients should receive, but unfortunately too often do not. It is intended to empower patients and their carers to demand the level of care they are entitled to.

Lesley with Margaret Datson and Roy Bowdrey

Christmas Raffle

December 2015

The staff at Midlands and Lancashire CSU held a Christmas raffle to help with the fundraising 

Ready for the raffle

Raffle prizes ready to be won


Bake Sale

December 2015 

Lesley’s colleagues at the Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit held a bake sale and raised money towards the total. 

Lovely cakes for sale

The Mandarin cake on the left sold quickly

Donation from Sandra Williams in memory of Mary Williams

November 2015 

I was contacted via Facebook after a radio interview by a lady whose Mum died on the 2nd November. She had heard me talking on the radio during awareness month and wanted to donate the collection at her Mum Mary’s funeral to the fundraising in Seth name. This was a complete a stranger and this gesture was very moving for me. Since that time Sandra and I have become friends and she has supported much of the fundraising and awareness raising. This is dedicated to the memory of Mary Williams. 

In memory of Mary Williams

Coffee Morning and Raffle

November 2015 

My friend Vicki Graham held a coffee morning an raffle and added to our fundraising total. 

Vicki with the results of her fundraising

Vicki and Lesley celebrating the total


Pancreatic Cancer UK Flashmob

November 2015

My oldest school friend Sandra put me in touch with her beautiful and talented daughter Nicky Henshall who choreographed a fantastic flash mob based on Seth’s favorite songs. It was performed at the Royal Stoke Hospital on World Pancreatic Cancer Day and also in Newcastle Town Centre

Heres the video from the day too 

Newcastle Town Centre

Really getting into things

Group photograph so many people gave so much time to help

Aerial shot at the Royal Stoke Hospital

Dance in full swing

Final moves


Rhythm of the Bells

November 2015 

I was invited along to a local fundraiser for Pancreatic Cancer UK organised by the local town Major Cllr Sylvia Dimond who was fund raising in memory of her Dad who had also died from pancreatic cancer. The event was supported by Dharshanodiyaa Institute Of Bharathanatiyam which teaches traditional Tamil dancing 

Presenting a prize to a student

Sylvia presenting prizes

Student dancing

The tiny Toes

Trek for Hope The Great Wall of China

October 2015 

Six weeks before Seth became ill Lesley and Seth had booked a trip of lifetime to China, Singapore and Hong Kong it was to celebrate both of their fifth birthdays and their tenth wedding anniversary. Unfortunately Seth was unable to make the trip and when Lesley heard of the the Trek for Hope that Pancreatic Cancer UK had set up she decided to go along and raise some funds. As people who know Lesley will appreciate she isn’t really built for trekking the Great Wall but she went along and completed the trek and also scattered some of Seth’s ashes from the highest point on the Great Wall. See the trek on this Pancreatic Cancer UK video but you wont see me as I was always at the back and hear about the trek on the local radio station


All the trekkers were raising funds for Pancreatic Cancer UK

The group raised over £65,000 in total

End the end of the trek with my room mate Linda

On the first day

On the tourist part of the wall

I was always at the back with back marker guide we became great friends

Steps, steps and more steps



Purple Rainbow Support Group

July 2015 

The Purple Rainbow support group was set in July 2015 to help people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and their families across the county of Staffordshire.  


Training with the Staffordshire GPs

March 2015 

The GPs and practice nurses across Staffordshire attended an awareness raising session about five different types of cancer that included the most prevalent and the ones where there is often late diagnosis which included pancreatic cancer . I was able to share Seth’s and my story at the event and was sup[ported by the nurses from Pancreatic Cancer UK and consultants from the Royal Stoke Hospital. 


UK survival rates lag behind other countries

Ten year survival rate has barely changed in the last 40 years

Ready for the GPs and practice nurses to arrive

Less than 1% of funding in the UK goes towards researching pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic Cancer UK Summit 2015

January 2015 

In January 2015 I presented at Pancreatic Cancer UK summit to share Seths and my story for the very first time just six months after his death

Presenting at the Pancreatic Cancer Summit 2015

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day 2014

November 2014

The first pancreatic cancer awareness month saw us manning awareness stalls in supermarkets and in the hospital as well as lighting up local landmarks. 

The lovely Lisa and Emma nurses at the Royal Stoke Hospital

Lisa, Lynn and Emma from the Royal Stoke Hospital

My friend Anita Borosinski helping with an awareness stand.

I know that woman… awareness raising

Raffle for Awareness Month

November 2014

Wayland Seths nephew manned a raffle stand in the local shopping centre in Sittingbourne in Kent and also spoke to the local radio station.

Wayland manning his raffle stall

Wayland talking to the local radio station

Bake Sale and Raffle in the Netherlands

November 2014 

Hesma Seths sister who lives in the Netherlands did a raffle at the local British Shop in Hilversum and also sold cakes to raise funds in memory of Seth for awareness month.


Hesma with her purple cakes

Owners of the British shop with the raffle prizes

Katie Adams Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon

October 2014 

Katie Adams one of Lesley work colleagues ran the Lake Vyrnwy half marathon her ever half marathon. 

Katie Adams just about to start the half marathon

Sarah Davies Sky Dive

19th September 2014

Sarah Davies one of Lesley’s colleagues decided to do a sky dive to riase finds for Pancreatic Cancer UK in memory of Seth and her cousins friend. 

Sarah Davies ready to do her sky dive

August 2014

Staff Dress Down Day

28th August 2014 

In August 2014 the staff of the Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit where Lesley worked had a dress down day with a cake sale, raffles and a name a bear competition to add to the fundraising total. 


Sarah Davis at the Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit dress down day August 28th 2014.

N Power Fundraiser

N Power Fundraiser

30th May 2014

In May 2014 just a few days after Seth was diagnosed with  inoperable pancreatic cancer his friends at work held a “Do Something For Seth Day”.

All of people who worked with Seth were just about to made redundant so it was a phenomenal thing to do at a time when peoples morale was low, but they arranged a Worst Joke Competition, a Bring and Buy, a Quiz, Dial A Bingo, Office Olympics The Cube Style and Soak A Manager to raise funds to help Seth.

They raised over £1250 in just one day with NPower matching with a company donation. This was the start of the fundraising and this is what inspired me to support Pancreatic Cancer UK. 

Here’s some of the great pictures from the day and it looks like the Soak A Manager was very popular