Support #Sethslegacy in Nov-19 for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

November is pancreatic cancer awareness month and 21st November is World Pancreatic Cancer Day. Its an opportunity to share the signs and symptoms of the disease with health professionals, patients, carers and the public. It is also the opportunity to hold an awareness training session with healthcare staff. 

It would be great if this year as part of #sethslegacy all my followers who are healthcare professionals would make a pledge to run an awareness stand/stall in their organisation to raise awareness of signs and symptoms especially with the public. It would also be a fabulous opportunity to hold an awareness/training session with nurses, doctors, medical/nursing students, allied health care professionals, pharmacists in fact anyone who works in a healthcare organisation. 

Closer to November your will be able to order awareness raising materials from Pancreatic Cancer UK and if you need any advice or support on running a training session please do get in touch and I can help with the content and format. If you can make a pledge to support please fill in the pledge form below and I will be in touch closer to the time. 

I would be so grateful if you could support the awareness sessions in memory of my adorable Seth who died from pancreatic cancer in 2014 just 33 short and heartbreaking after his diagnosis it would mean so much to me on 5th anniversary of his untimely death if we could use the opportunity to extend #sethslegacy.