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Stories From People Whose Loved Ones Died

One Foot in Front of the Other by Debbie Wells 

Debbie tells the heartbreaking story of Gemma her 27 years old daughter who died from pancreatic cancer after many visits to the GP and many hospital investigations. One Foot in Front of the Other tells the story of a mothers love through illness, treatment and the loss of a much loved daughter.

Looks Can Be Deceiving by Sarah Louise Lydon

Sarah tells the story of her mum Evelyn who died just 33 days after she was diagnosed a few days after her 50th birthday. Sarah explains how her mum didn’t have any signs or symptoms in the months before her diagnosis and how Looks Can Be Deceiving. 

In Tune by Ruth May 

Ruth shares a wonderful story of her love for her Dad and his journey through pancreatic cancer and her attempts at playing the piano In Tune

The Missing Piece by Steph Fox 

Steph tells an emotional story taking us through the story of her gran Thomasina – The Missing Piece. 

Our Little Piece of Infinity by Fiona Harding 

Fiona tells the story of Caitlin a cheeky little girl whose Dad Jim died from pancreatic cancer and how she misses her Little Piece of Infinity

Picture Perfect by Linda Reardon 

Linda shares a life time of memories of her beloved Mum who loved to take pictures that were just Picture Perfect.

Im Still Standing by Maggie Watts 

Maggie shares the story of her husband Kevin’s diagnosis and how after a milestone of 18 months he decided to have his I’m Still Standing party. 

In ruins by Lesley Goodburn 

Lesley shares her story of her travels with her beloved husband Seth who died just 33 short and heartbreaking days after his diagnosis and how her life seemed to be In Ruins

My Darling Dad by Jo Swerling 

Limbo the horse is a big part of the story of Graham – Jo’s Darling Dad.

Funnily Enough by Cath Armstrong 

Johnathon was Cath’s partner who after a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer planned his own funeral his final show, which was Funnily Enough

A Good Egg by Vikki and Rachel 

Vikki and Rachel the daughters of Carole who a truly Good Egg tell of their journey through pancreatic cancer and end of life care. 

Interests by Sinead Moxey 

Sinead shares all the wonderful Interests of her Dad Carl and his short illness. 

Collections by Sandra Williams

Sandra describes the lovely kind nature of her Mum Mary and how her Collections included a varied collection of people who adored her.