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Stories from Survivors


Hope By Sharon Pender  

Sharon tells her story of Hope as a three year survivor after successful treatment for stage 2 pancreatic cancer 

Blessings by Vivien Arbenz 

Vivien tells her story of survival and of living as one of the very few people with severe diabetes as a result of having her pancreas removed. In the story Vivien sees diabetes as one her many Blessings.


Grandma – By Jean Clarke 

Jean tells her story of a pancreatic cancer diagnosis and treatment via chemotherapy. Three years after treatment finished she goes on trips and collects souvenirs to put in her memory boxes so that her adorable grandchildren have happy memories of Grandma for the future. 


Ebb and Flo by Margaret Datson 

Margaret shares her remarkable story of the loss of her mum and her own diagnosis. She shares the challenges of living with the Ebb and Flo of being an eleven year pancreatic cancer survivor.

Edelweiss and Changes by Karen Stead 

Karen a seven year survivor who shares the story of her diagnosis, treatment, recovery and the challenges of living with the Changes of survival and significance for her of the Edelweiss. 


Tundra by Nikki Taylor 

Nikki describes how Ted the bear  and Lowly the worm help her through her current chemotherapy and challenges of diagnosis and how a wolf called Tundra gave her something to identify with.