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A long standing heart ache always there but raw and resurgent
Missing the joy of connection and my little blue pal
A guilty day spent alone but know it’s the best thing to do.
A contact from a colleague another person needing advice about pancreatic cancer.
Saying goodbye to Dave a happy goodbye but a sadness too
I will surely miss you, your kindness and commitment.
A conversation a connection made about storytelling and the future potential.
Hearing from people with lived experience but more importantly listening into action.
A lady who has been on holiday but has she?
She doesn’t know. Alzheimer’s is cruel, she knows she been somewhere but can’t remember.
Sadness descends like the confusion of Alzheimers.
A mist that makes anything hard to recall
Storytelling, endorphin’s, oxytocin, and dopamine
How we process experience
A story told that wrenches the heart.
A connection made in sadness.
A week of contemplating behaviour
What’s good what’s bad … but its about the appropriateness.
Care partners a way forward in the context of leadership culture and learning.
The most important of things
A day spent talking about research for supportive care,
Psychosocial support so important for a disease where 1 in 4 die within a month
Discussion about priorities but whose?
What’s important what’s not…. who knows… the people who have the experience.
Sunshine reigns; a trip to the doggy play day
A walk around the lake
Planting flowers, getting the garden ready the promise of more long sunny days
Soothes the trauma of the week