Purple Rainbow Podcasts Index

Number  Title Featuring  Subject Matter 
One  Trailer  Lesley Goodburn Signs and Symptoms 
Two  What Is the Pancreas Anyway ?  Dr Ruth Chambers GP    Signs and Symptoms 
Three Diagnosis  Derek O Reilly, Pippa Corrie, Vicki Stevenson Hornby  Diagnosis, Surgery, Chemotherapy, Fast Track Surgery, Nurse Support 
Four  Raising Awareness Julia Lawson  Pateint Story – Mum 
Five  Clearing the Fog  Steve Essex Patient Story – Personal 
Six  Research  Dr Clare Hoskins, Rille Philak Research, Nanoparticles, Social, Diabetes
Seven  Diet  Barry Laird, Ruth Boyce Diet, Research, Dietician
Eight  Talking Grief Cariad Lloyd Grief 
Nine Policy  Preth Rao, Nic Dakin  Policy, Campagining 
Ten  Fundraising  Rachel Horseman, Tracey Aldous Fundraising, Awareness Raising 
Eleven  Finale  Diana Jupp, Shaun Walsh  Policy, Campaigning, Patient Story – Personal
Twelve  Thinking Out Loud  Lesley Goodburn  Review 
Thirteen  Pancreatic Cancer UK Summit Part 1 Michelle, Debbie Wells, Margaret Datson  Patient Story, Personal and Daughter 
Fourteen  Pancreatic Cancer UK Summit Part 2 Roy Bowdrey, Jean Clark, Karen Stead, Lynn Quigley  Patient Story, Personal, Awareness Raising 
Fifteen  Fundraising  Claire Haddon, Andrea Kearns  Fundraising, Awareness Raising, Patient Story Mum and Dad 
Sixteen  Buddies  John and Sylvia, Phil Whelan  Support, Nurse Support, Surgery 
Seventeen  NICE Guidance  Ann Jewell Policy, NICE Guidance 
Eighteen  Marathon Fundraising  Oli Williams  Fundraising, Personal Story Aunt 
Nineteen  Precision Panc Juan Valle Research, Precision Medicine 
Twenty  Cathy and Eddie  Cathy and Eddie  Patient Story, Mum, Dad and Father in Law
Twenty One  Lucy Watts  Lucy Watts  Patient Story – Aunt, Awareness Raising 
Twenty Two World Pancreatic Cancer Day  Jess Ablesohn, Lesley Goodburn, Clara Mackay  Awareness Raising 
Twenty Three  Chrstine Iacobuzio Chrstine Iacobuzio Research 
Twenty Four  Shaun Walsh  Shaun Walsh  Patient Story Personal 
Twenty Five  Chief Nursing Officer Award Ruth May, Cath Armstrong, Jeni Jones, Emma Kidd,  Nurse Support, Awareness Raising