Purple Rainbow Pancreatic Cancer Podcasts

November is pancreatic cancer awareness month and in memory of Seth Goodburn in support of Pancreatic Cancer UK a series of eight podcasts will be broadcast.

Podcast One

Dr Ruth Chambers a GP and chair of the Stoke on Trent Clinical Commissioning Groups explains the role of the pancreas, the formation of the cancer and the signs and symptoms of the disease. Louise Riley shares the heart breaking story of her mums diagnosis and the missed opportunities that might have led to an earlier diagnosis.

Podcast Two

Derek O Reilly a pancreatic cancer surgeon who works in Manchester Royal Infirmary talks about the challenges of surgery and the Whipples operation. Pippa Corrie an oncologist from Cambridge University Hospital Trust talks about the treatment available chemotherapy . There is also an update from the Nursing Times award winning specialist nurse Vicki – Stevenson Hornby about the accelerated pathway to surgery for patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer,

Podcast Three

Julia Lawson from Chester is a practice nurse. Nine years ago her mum died of Pancreatic Cancer. Julia now helps to raise awareness of the disease at the GP surgery where she works., In this episode she explains how her mums symptoms were so vague it took months before there was a diagnosis. She also tells us how even with her medical knowledge she never considered Pancreatic Cancer to be an issue for her mum.

Podcast Four

Nicky Murphy from the Pancreatic Cancer UK support line explains her role as a pancreatic cancer specialist nurse and explains how she supports patients and families throughout their pancreatic cancer journey. We also hear form Steve Essex who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer earlier in 2018 he shares his story and how the nurses on he support line have help him “clear the fog” after his diagnosis. 

Podcast Five

In this episode we hear from two researchers and the work they are doing to help combat Pancreatic Cancer.
Dr Clare Hoskins is a senior lecturer in pharmaceutics at Keele University in Staffordshire. She tells us all about Nanoparticles (don’t worry you will understand it!) Rille Philak tells us about the research she is undertaking for her PhD.

Podcast Six

Welcome to episode six of the Purple Rainbow Pancreatic Cancer Podcasts.
In this episode we are talking diet and nutrition, and in particular examining cachexia (cancer related weight loss). It’s a real problem for people diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, but there is hope as you’ll hear all about with Dr Barry Laird who is one of a team running a trial into the issue.
We also hear from Ruth Boyce who is a dietician specialising in cancer.

Podcast Seven

Welcome to episode seven of Purple Rainbow Pancreatic Cancer Podcasts. 
It’s a sad fact that Pancreatic Cancer is one of the least survivable cancers and that means grief is more than likely to be part of the story. How do you deal with that grief though? One woman who is doing her best to get people talking about grief is comedian, actress, writer and now award winning podcaster Cariad Lloyd. Her father died from Pancreatic Cancer when she was 15. She joins us in this episode to talk about that and how it’s affected her life since.

Podcast Eight

Welcome to the latest episode of Purple Rainbow Pancreatic Cancer Podcasts.
Today we’re finding out about some of the work that goes on in the world of policy and politics. The Houses of Parliament might not be the first place you imagine a charity to be spending time but it’s where key decisions can and are made.We hear from Preth Rao who is Head of Policy and Campaigns at Pancreatic Cancer UK about the work she does to make sure Pancreatic Cancer is not forgotten about by MPs. One of those MPs is Nic Dakin, he’s head of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Pancreatic Cancer. He also tells us what he gets up to.

Podcast Nine 

Welcome to this episode of Purple Rainbow Pancreatic Cancer Podcasts.
This episode was never meant to happen, but sometimes projects like this take on a life of their own.
Rachael Horsman got in touch with me to tell me her story after she heard about the first episode.
Tracy Aldous raised money for Pancreatic Cancer UK to support a friend whose mum was diagnosed. But then it affected her family too.You’ll hear from both women.

Podcast Ten 

Welcome to Episode 10 of the Purple Rainbow Pancreatic Cancer podcast. It’s the last day of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month so we’ve gone straight to the top to speak to the head of Pancreatic Cancer UK Diana Jupp.
Then we are finishing the month long series, for now, with the story of Shaun Walsh from Liverpool. In June he was told he had Pancreatic Cancer, one Whipple operation later and while still undergoing Chemo he’s taking part in a swimming challenge to raise money and awareness for the charity.