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Pancreatic Cancer Stories

Pancreatic cancer is a tough disease, tough to diagnose, tough to treat, tough to research and tough to survive.

Each year in November there is an awareness month and in November 2017 we produced and aired one digital story for each day of the month. The stories were about love, relationships and how people deal with the tough diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

Stories have helped to connect people for centuries. They allow people to understand another persons point of view, their worldview, their motivations and their emotions.

The stories came from patients, surgeons, nurses, relatives of people who had died from the disease as well as staff and supporters from Pancreatic Cancer UK. 

The stories are here for you to use as a resource to help understand pancreatic cancer, its impact on people, the signs and symptoms and the issues around treatment and survival. Please use them with GPs and other health professionals to help raise awareness of signs and symptoms, to educate people, to inform and to effect change. 

The final story is was called Legacy and it gives a short excerpt from each of the stories, please watch Legacy to gain an overview of the stories.