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They are all around
They have been for years
At the start in 2014 they were everywhere they surrounded me, close,…. ever-present.
Thrusting their joy and love in my direction
Then they dispersed a little; still there but not so omnipresent,
Sometimes their presence would prompt tears
Painful tears flowing from the corners of my eyes
The ages of the ever-present … omnipresent varied
Sometimes they were youngsters with that cocky self assurance that they had a whole lifetime ahead of them;  a lifetime of love
I had that feeling in 1987 but it was short lived it was not for me and my first husband.
Sometimes they seemed to be people divorced looking for the second chance to feel the warm spark of love
I had that feeling in 2004 when I married Seth; I was newly divorced
9.5 years of the most perfect wonderful marriage; then Seth was gone
Sometimes they were older folks so familiar after years of being  together
40 or 50 years of familiarity; reliable and comfortable but we couldn’t make ten
Then there were the older couples who had found new love in their dotage
Ray an engineer from London lived for years in Denver but his wife died
 Then he met Lorraine a secretary from New York
Love so obvious on a dinghy in the Antarctic so warm smouldering against the white coldness
Today they all seem so close again …………couples everywhere I look
All going on their holidays. together
But that’s not for me a holiday alone …. a single heart promised to Seth he is omni present…he is everpresent