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My focus is strategic, delivering goals and setting clear direction.

People are at my centre creating a place of trust by working as part of the team.

My personal experience is shaped by a lack of care and compassion; it drives me,

Knowing people’s strengths and working with them is my ethos, a safe pair of hands.


Creativity is important taking the time to explore,

How it can be used to find new ways of working.

Flourish is a word you used its one I like too.

It means to grow luxuriantly an aspiration I would love to help you achieve.


Embrace your mission to humanise health and social care.

That’s easy it’s my mission too, driven my lived experience,

A lack of compassion, care and kindness

Galvanising me to make a change to make a change


Confidence to place an emphasis on accomplishing bottom-line results,

Strive for unique accomplishments and love to explore new opportunities.

Pioneering, innovative resolute and focussed

I would love the opportunity to help you all work to the top of your game.


A human who is vulnerable, I need care, care that is more humane and civilized:

Love a chat, love to learn more about people and being approachable and kind,

Enact compassion, I can recognise suffering.

Always do something constructive to relieve it.


Wisdom is subjective.

A long career has equipped me with experience.

My personal experience has turned knowledge in wisdom.

The act of experience turns knowledge into wisdom through reflection.