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A little grey dog came into my life 2 years ago I called her Gertie…. she is half angel and half demon.

I am very happy to have her by my side this Christmas she makes such a difference to my life.

I miss Seth desperately at this time of year more so than normal, but Gertie is a source of joy…. I love her dearly

What I love about Gertie

How she looks at me when has the devil about to manifest with that cheeky little look that she has

How she runs around all sassy when she steals my gloves, hats, socks….

How she barks at me when wants her dinner

How excited she gets when I say that we will have a look what treats we have for a good dog

How she adores her sessions at doggy play day how she runs with the dogs but also does a circuit of the people to get her tummy tickled.

How she stares at people in the street until they pay her attention, then rolls onto her back to get her tummy tickled.

How she loves her walks

How gentle she is with my 91 year old auntie Margaret and how excited she gets when I tell her going to fetch Auntie Margaret

How she ends each day with mad zoomies

How she loves all her toys; she flings them in the air and empties out the toy box every time I tidy up

How she greats me each morning with such genuine unconditional love

How she nips my knees when it gets time to stop work

How she tries to nudge the laptop off my knee, shut the lid or she lies with her paws on the keyboard when she thinks I should stop using it


How genuinely excited I am when I go to collect her from the doggy hotel when I have had to reluctantly leave her for work

How she gives me her evil eye if I wake or disturb her when she is comfy

How she gets involved in opening every parcel that arrives at the house

What drives me made about Gertie

How she nicks my slippers and socks every day with fail

How she can be a complete nuisance and chews the wallpaper, my glasses, gloves too many things to list

How she drove me insane playing swing ball all summer she was completely obsessed!!

But as you can see there are so many more things, I love than drive me mad

I often wish Seth had met her I know he would love her dearly too, so happy Christmas Gorgeous Gert and Happy Christmas Seth I will love you with all of my heart forever.