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I heard someone say “If you get the chance to be involved in something be involved …. You never know where it might take you and what it might lead to“……. this seems to be really relevant this week.

A week where I have worked with the most wonderful people; who work across so many different specialist disciplines, organisations and well as geographies.

Monday started with Homeward Bound and some exciting new developments/projects and planning a storyboard.

Tuesday I was at All Party Parliamentary Group on pancreatic cancer to talk about the NICE guidance. I also spent time working on a project about compassionate leadership, quality improvement, implementing change and how that all links together with patient experience.

Wednesday I spent the day with creatives at the Creative England Be More Stoke event and had some time getting to know a student filmmaker with a background working in elderly care roles.

Thursday it was pancreatic cancer awareness, liaising to confirm the details for activities in Dying Matters week which include performances of Homeward Bound, Death and Dying Pub Quiz, A Virtual Autopsy and a pop up shop and coffin decorating.

Friday I had a meeting about podcasts, a meeting about pancreatic cancer education and support for families, and then for a visit to the Keele Anatomy Lab, to talk about whole body donation and some visits for staff and the public for the Dying Matters week.

This week I have worked with

  • Lovely people who work for charities
  • Academics
  • Educators
  • Funeral directors
  • Apprentice designers
  • Palliative care nurses
  • Pathologists
  • Professors of surgery
  • Palliative care consultants
  • People who work in a hospice
  • Broadcasters
  • Quality improvement specialists
  • Researchers
  • Student filmmakers
  • Film, game and creative designers
  • MPs
  • Members of the House of Lords
  • Anatomy Lab Managers
  • Student Nurses
  • Radio presenters
  • Medical students

 It’s been a busy week but is been so rewarding. People often say isn’t it depressing talking about death, dying, grief and bereavement all the time? The answer is no its not depressing it very inspiring to work with so many people who are dedicated to doing a tremendous job in end of life care where is only one chance to get things right.

Thank you to everyone I have worked with and talked to this week and I hope you get a restful weekend so we can continue this important work next week again.

And whoever said “If you get the chance to be involved in something be involved …. You never know where it might take you and what it might lead to“ is a very wise person.