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Something that binds, fastens, confines, or holds together.

Where did I end and where did you begin?

For years we were as one

A clump, indistinct, together, moving forward.

Two people but one couple one entity.

One entity decoupled a cruel parting short brutal and distinct.


Death changed our relationship, but it continues.

Our relationship continues but is different.

A ring exchanged till death do us part, but the ring cannot be removed.

Death may have physically parted us, but the ring remains.

Its feels like part of me just like you feel like part of me.

Because you are and always will be part of me.


A connection that was made early in the morning.

Separate but together for now but not for long

Something bigger something we cannot control has parted us physically.

Although the bond cannot be broken by death

Death has created an obstacle in our way but cannot keep us apart.

We are forever bonded.


Always together even when apart

A deep connection a continuing bond.

Moving on, moving away no but always moving forward

Relinquish the bond, no I cannot it is important it must continue.

Do I set the table for two? do I talk to you aloud? or do anything else people might find odd?


The answer is no …. our bond is deeper than process deeper than doing.

Our bond is knowing, knowing our love continues, it is a love that grows.

Our bond is more than being, more than two separate beings,

Our bond is the coming together of two separate streams of consciousness into one, one consciousness that death cannot break.

Not for now while I still exist our conscious bond continues when I no longer exist it will be lost to the physical world.

But it remains forever as energy out there somewhere energy that was created by love.

Love lost to the ravages of time, lost to that ultimate victor death which conquers us all…. eventually