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Archie a man not known
A little boy full of mischief and fun
Running around being silly
Being the boy that he was

Updates each year
Oh, how you have grown
Study, school,  moving onwards
Adventures with friends shared by your mum

Then teenage years
The photos show the transition to a vibrant young man
Relationship; a girlfriend
Your life stretching out ahead with so much promise

An update from your mum
Epilepsy diagnosed
Investigations to find the type
Treatment to start soon

Then a phone call
Had to listen hard
First time round

Repeated still can’t comprehend
Phone calls made to family
To share the sadness
To inflict the pain of loss

Now years later; So many lost years
No time to know the boy who turned into a young man
But now a sense of all that was taken away
A man not quite established

Transition not realised
Not known well but never forgotten
Today every day a sense of
A personality that eluded me

It was sudden
It was unexpected
It was a death
It was epilepsy
It was SUDEP

Archie the little boy, the young man,  the fully grown man not known

Never known ……Remembered with love today and every day