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Homeward Bound

Seth’s Story is a play, a film and supporting educational resource about love, relationships, empathy and compassion at end of life. It takes you on a journey with Seth and Lesley Goodburn through terminal pancreatic cancer until Seth’s death just 33 short and heart-breaking days after his diagnosis.

The play, the film and educational resource draws its content from a series of letters written by Lesley before and after Seth’s untimely death. She articulates the journey from the first signs of his illness, through diagnosis, care and treatment and after his death at their local NHS Hospital.

Seth’s Story is written to give people and especially health care professionals the opportunity to reflect on compassionate person and family centred care at end of life and helps people to understand how little things mean a lot to person who is dying and to their family. 

To book a performance of the play contact Heather Lovvorn at Hospice UK or order the DVD and educational resource

Brian Daniels plays Seth Goodburn in Homeward Bound.

Homeward Bound was written as Seth had asked Lesley to share their story to

  1. Help raise awareness of signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer
  2. To improve the experience of people diagnosed with late stage cancer
  3. To improve the experience of people at the end of their lives and to raise the discussion about compassion in death and dying.

The play has been written by playwright Brian Daniels and is a forty minute dramatic reading with two actors playing the roles of Seth and Lesley and was commissioned by the National Council for Palliative Care  which has now merged with Hospice UK.

The play, the film and the educational resource is also supported by Pancreatic Cancer UK, Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust, St Giles Hospice and NHS England who have worked together in partnership to develop the training materials for  use by health care professionals.

Pancreatic Cancer UK
Sophie Turner playing Lesley Goodburn in Homeward Bound.
Sophie Turner, Brian Daniels and Bernie Byrnes Performing Homeward Bound