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Last weekend as I was walking around the park with Gertie I was thinking about my beloved Seth and the tears just ran down my face, no conscious effort, they just fell. It was reminiscent of the hours, days weeks and months immediately after Seth’s death the tears just dropped from my eyes.

I had been thinking about Seth’s birthday which would have been 6th October…. he died aged 49 , ten years have past so it is now 59 years since he was born. It struck me hard that he never entered the rounded number, which is 50, he will never celebrate the other round numbers, 60,70,80,90 …. I may not celebrate my round number birthdays in the future either as tomorrow I promised to no one.

I do know that if I do get to celebrate those birthdays, I will be doing it with Seth’s love spirit and humour which is just quite simply a part of me.

I did not know Seth aged 9 or aged 19, although I did have the great privilege to know the 29 year old Seth. and to love the 39 and 49 year old Seth

Today on the 59th anniversary of his birth that love is still strong and probably stronger through the medium of ritual and continuing bonds. Seth I will love you with all my heart forever.